Sinus, Mucus and Allergies: the Food Connection

Foods have more direct impact on the sinuses and the mucus they produce than most people realize. Sinus sufferers would do well to know some basic facts about the effect of common foods on the sinuses.

Best Fruit for Sinuses
Take, for example, pineapple. Studies have shown that it is a boon for those suffering from asthma and sinus disorders. Bromelain, the key element found in fresh pineapple, has anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce the swelling in air passages, making breathing easier and helping the elimination of clear, green or yellow mucus. It can also aid healing for those suffering from sinus pressure, pneumonia and bronchitis; besides having an enzyme that can break down proteins. On the other hand sinus sufferers shoud avoid certain foods. Very valuable information on this subject appears in the publcation offered, below:

Citrus fruits such as grapefruits, lemons, oranges, with their abundant supply of vitamin C, can help diminish the symptoms of colds and allergies. Isthe mucus or phlegm very thick? Try squeezing a lemon into a cup of hot water and drink it while still warm. It will loosen the thick stuff in your air passages and make breathing easier. Try expectorating and coughing out the mucus, rather than swallowing it and re-cycling all those germs back in.

Mucus and the Food Factor
So called "good mucus" is produced to help the organs of the respiratory apparatus to carry on their work. It is being produced all the time by the membranes lining the sinus and nasal cavities. But when it becomes annoying and excessive, it often is a sign of a disorder. Then this excessive mucus can irritate the sinus cavity and nasal cavity and cause infection in those organs' membranes. Often, also, some environmental elements such as: pollen, house dust, smog, smoke, etc can be addressed by the immune systems as invaders that it must protect against using histamine--a clear, watery mucus like substance that is intended to wash off those invaders. Unknown to many is that some foods can impact mucusmucus production and make worse--or cause--excessive mucus production. One common sense approach to this problem is to test food, empirically--by actual experience. Just eat certain foods suspected and evaluate the potential reactions on your sinus and other respiratory organs. It should be recognized that there is some debate as to whether foods can cause mucus problems.

We have no question about it, since we have empirically proved it. In fact we believe that some foods can produce sinus mucus, pressure, drainage, etc. Thus it is important to learn what are the foods which could be, at least, partly responsible for sinus issues. In other words, find out to what extent they could be affecting your excessive mucus production and be at least partially responsible for those problems already mentioned. 3 Quick Steps to Sinus and Mucus Freedom , discuses this item in detail and offers specific suggestions. Become well acquainted with this subject, since food choice could potentially be both a very significant aspect of both cause and healing for your sinus issues. And yet it could be presently ignored. Some people haave solved their sinus miseries by just changing some foods. I would go as far as saying that unless the food factor is directly addressed other therapeutic steps alone may not be sufficient to bring the permanent solution sought.

As the old adage states: "The best cure is prevention", and if a person were to abstain, as much as possible, from potential mucus


Key Elements to
Remember for
Sinus Cure

Right foods
Pressure points
Right natural remedies

A combination of healing systems working synergistically (cooperatively) for your sinuses is the key to sinus healing

Combining empirical research and reading many sources of information is how I found this new approach

The right sinus relief is more than just taking medications. It involves: Right eating, botanicals, some regular medications & pressure points for the sinuses

Foods can significantly affect your sinuses. Learn which foods can cause problems and which ones promote healing





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