Sinus Pain


There are, basically, two alternatives for the care of sinus pain and other sinus issues:

Option A

Learn the causes of sinus pain and focus on their permanent relief. This will also, of course, eliminate the symptoms (discomforts) . This is the approach I used which, in a short time, totally eliminated my pain problems. How does it work? Three Steps to Quick Sinus & Mucus Freedom, has this information which can be instantly e-mailed. To learn more click.

Option B

Learn to relieve symptoms using natural remedies and some regular medicine. This is more like the conventional medical approach. In some cases a person continues to relieve symptoms (discomforts) the rest of his or her life, because the causes of the problem have not been eliminated. This is more costly and bothersome, since the remedies used offer only temporary relief. But it is what many people with this type of sinus disorder do.

The rest of this web site offers general information on sinus care.

Free at last!
This is what I felt and exclaimed after my victory, with my Maker's help, over my sinus problems. For almost two years now I had never before felt as good in all my life. My sinus problems are, indeed, a thing of the past. If I become careless and some sinus difficulty wants to raise its ugly head again, I know how to deal with it successfully, at home, and using some very simple and inexpensive remedies.

Besides sinus pain I had to deal with sinus: congestion, pressure and drainage, but I found out through "common sense experimentation" that many sinus problems relate to each other. In other words, if one can determine what is causing the "main problem" the others will likely dissapear.

Sinus headache

This type of headache is usually caused by a sinus infection or sinusitis and is accompanied by a runny nose and pain around the eyes, cheeks, forehead, which lasts for days with no end in sight. At this point the best one can do is to see a physician so that an antibiotic can be prescribed to do away with the infection. Otherwise the latter will linger on indefinitely.


It is basically the same sinus infection or sinusitis situation previously described, above, but the sensation of pressure or pain in the face-forehead area is more intense. Again, the solution can be to relieve the infection with an antibiotic, if it is determined it is a bacterial infection.

Nasal and sinus cavities activity

Air and mucus are always passing between the sinus and the nasal cavities. This is a normal function in those areas since this constant flow of air and mucus keeps those cavities and their lining membranes free from unwanted bacteria, dust, and other contaminants. The mucus eventually flows backward into the throat area where it is swallowed and ends its journey in the stomach. Any harmful bacteria or microbes in the mucus are killed by the stomach acids. At least a pint of mucus flows daily this way. Again, this is normal.

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Why all this "normal" flow of mucus?

This is the body's filtering mechanism for the respiratory (breathing) system so that harmful bacteria, dust particles, and other polluntants may be stopped at the nasal cavity level and washed down, before they can reach other vital parts of that system--bronchi, lungs, etc.--with more serious health consequences.

Sometimes, due to colds, allergies or some other cause, the sinus and or nasal membranes become swollen blocking the narrow passages between them. Air and mucus cannot flow and as it accumulates in the sinus cavities it stagnates with time and bacteria begins to develop which would be the start of a sinus infection. It is very important, therefore, to remember to: keep the mucus flowing at all times.

How to keep the mucus from stagnating

Now that we know the important role of the flow of mucus between the sinus-nasal cavities the logical question is: how does one keep it flowing so it wont't stagnate and infect?

  • Drinking substantial amounts of plain, pure water daily
  • Acupressure on the right points on the face can stimulate the nerves going to the sinuses so they will drain properly
  • While they can help fight allergic irritation of the sinuses and the post nasal drip (excessive drainage) caused by allergies, antihistamins, if not properly administered, can dry the sinus area too much and prevent a normal amount of mucus from flowing.


The old adage that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" could not be more fitting, perhaps, than with reference to the prevention of sinus problems. I have found several areas in which a person can be especially alert which may present potential sinus problems, primarily headache and excessive drainage--at least this has been my experience of several decades before I found a cure.

  • Foods that create mucus
  • Allergic reactions which produce mucus also
  • Exposing sinus areas to cold air during winter months - I still wear a tight fitting fur cap when the weather gets cold or windy
  • Dry air - especially in winter when furnaces can dry the air too much--the sinuses get too dry, swell and headaches can follow

Note. Perhaps the most deleterious food combination a sinus prone individual could have would be to have, especially on a regular basis, milk shake or ice cream. Although there has been some debate about the role of foods on sinus problems my experience and the convictions epressed by others are that it does have a significant bearing.

You, too, can find a cure to your sinus pain if you really want to.

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Key Elements to
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A combination of healing systems working synergistically (cooperatively) for your sinuses is the key to sinus healing

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The right sinus relief is more than just taking medications. It involves: Right eating, botanicals, some regular medications & pressure points for the sinuses

Foods can significantly affect your sinuses. Learn which foods can cause problems and which ones promote healing





Disclaimer: I am not a physician nor a licensed health care practitioner. The statements made in this web site or in the publication: Three Steps to Quick Sinus and Mucus Relief, have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. They are intended to describe what I did or would personally do only, and not intended to diagnose, treat or cure or prevent any disease or condition for others. The reader should continue to regularly consult a physician with regard to his or her health. Especially with respect to any matters or symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical care.

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