Sinus Pressure: Quick Relief of Symptoms

There are two alternatives for relieving sinus pressure: Get rid of the cause(s) of the problem and it will probably soon disappear including, of course, the discomforts or symptoms. Or just deal with the latter and continue medicating them as they comeback. If you would rather get rid of the "pain" once and for all, please, Click

The rest of this web page offers general information on how to handle symptoms connected with yellow mucus.

What I would do for: Sinus pressure relief:

  1. Using my middle finger tip, left hand, firmly press at a point in the center of the back of the head in a large hollow just under the base of the skull. I make sure I am precisely on the correct spot. It is a very sensitive spot
    • do for 3 - 4 minutes
    • do several times as needed
  2. As I do the above I use my index finger tip, right hand, firmly pressing directly between the eyebrows, in the indentation where the bridge of the nose meets the forehead. For 3 - 4 minutes
  3. Drink a large glass of water at room temperature. Continue to drink much water during the next several days
    • I also drink herbal teas
    • thyme is considered to be decongestant
  4. If the above protocol does not bring relief quickly, then I would try this:
    • using the tips of both index fingers press firmly on each side of the nostrils for 3 minutes
    • do steam inhalation
      • place your face at least a foot from steam source--to protect your cilia.
      • use some eucalyptus oil in the water
      • if necessary use a sinus rinse like Neil Med Sinus Rinse or from some other OTC brand I trust
      • follow the instructions in the package
    • take guaifenesin
  5. I stop eating mucus producing foods, please, I stop using them for a week and notice the differencee
  6. Remember that prevention of excessive mucus problems can start with caring for sinus pressure on a timely basis.

What You Should Know About Your Sinuses and Pressure

Does your sinus pressure come and go? Is it a chronic sinus problem which you would like to get rid of quickly?
Either way I have good news for you: Your sinus problem relief could be easier to achieve than you may have anticipated. Let me explain:

Sinus pressure causes
It can be caused by the accumulation of mucus in the sinus cavities that cannot get out. Why not? Because the openings at the end of the sinuses--which connect to the nasal cavity so mucus can drain properly--are blocked by the sinuses' swollen membranes. Or the mucus production, even of clear mucus, may be so great that it cannot be drained fast enough. In either case, mucus accumulates, builds up pressure, sinus headache sets in. If mucus stagnates an infection with its symptoms can easily follow. Knowing the meaning of the color of mucus can be helpful in nipping an infection or other sinus disorders in the bud. At any rate, sinus pressure relief, to be effective, can involve knowledge and application of the right relief methods.

Sin uses MRI

Sinus MRI

Mucus functions
Mucus is vital to keeping the entire body functioning smoothly. It is produced by the sinus and nasal cavities membranes. It has lubricating and protective functions, and it serves as part of the body's defense mechanism against unwanted intruders, for example: foreign particles, irritants, viruses, germs, etc. When it is colored or excessive it can indicate that something needs attention. For example, a sinus infection--if the mucus is yellow or green. Mucus is secreted by the body all the time, but we don't often notice it until it becomes thick. Phlegm, on the other hand, is a special type of mucus. It works as a tool for our immune system mechanism, and it is mostly produced in the lungs. Incredible as it may sound we normally produce every day an amount of mucus that can reach one quart. Knowing the meaning of the color of mucus can be a handy thing to know in combating a sinus disorder early on, so it can be nipped in the bud. Yellow and green mucus usually denote that the immune systems is actively engaged in fighting an infection in the respiratory apparatus, often in the sinuses.

Irritation of the sinus membranes
These are things which can trigger a bout with sinus pressure:

  • Smoking
  • Viruses
  • Infection in the sinus membranes
  • Allergies, rhinitis--hay fever--, from elements
    • outside the house
      • pollens
      • smog
      • smoke
      • other airborne pollutants
    • inside the house
      • secondary smoke
      • house dust
      • pets' dander
      • household cleaning and other chemicals
  • Histamine or mucus producing foods can exacerbate mucus production and increase the chances for sinus pressure
  • Air dryness

It should be recognized that poorly addressed sinus irritation can potentially result in sinus cavity diseases which can seriously compromise the well being. A sinus irritation, excessive mucus and allergy are often interconnected and can produce sinus drainage. When there is much mucus for a long period or time the person affected may do well to seek excessive mucus relief..

Sinus Pressure Symptoms Relief
Long Term Relief

Do you smoke?
If you do then do yourself and others a big favor by quitting. There is plenty of help available in the internet, from the government, non-profit organizations, etc. We all know there is a host of potential health problems associated with smoking: lung and throat cancer, emphysema, premature death. These are not small illnesses; especially if you have to have a tube placed in your trachea after surgery to be able to breathe. Give it some serious thought and act. Would you?

Allergies and the sinus pressure connection
Allergic reaction to the environment is a major cause of sinus pressure. Pollen allergy being one of the most common. Excessive sinus drainage can also accompany an allergic reaction. The home environment can be the cause of allergies. For example, animal dander, house dust, dust mites droppings, cleaning and washing chemicals. You can make a simple test yourself: take good sniff close to the suspected item and see what happens. If you have an allergy you would know it almost right away. Allergies and hay fever are often exacerbated by certain foods we eat, and we should be aware of this. The simplest approach to dealing with allergies and hay fever is to stay away from the source of the allergenic that bothers us; but this is often not possible. Work on strategies to deal with the allergy problem. Maintaining the nasal and sinus passages clear and bringing sinus pressure relief as soon as it starts can avoid a bout with sinusitis.

Sinus pressure relief -- from allergic reactions or allergic rhinitis
As already seen, allergic reactions are a very common cause of sinus pressure and congestion. To relieve sinus pressure and any accompanying sinus headache caused by allergies or allergic rhinitis this is:
What I would Do:

  1. Reduce significantly or avoid histamine and mucus producing foods
  2. Drink 6-8 glasses of liquids a day
    • unsweetened juices
    • herb tea
    • thyme herb is thought to be a decongestant
    • soups
  3. Keep the sinuses clear at all times
  4. Acupressure, when done correctly, can start draining and clearing the sinus pressure in 3-5 minutes
    • do acupressure points B5 and A1 together for 3-4 minutes
    • then do A2, followed by A3 and A4 done together also for 3-5 minutes
  5. Stimulate the immune system and fight allergies, and excessive mucus by doing acupressure point C7
  6. Two other natural remedies can be beneficial and ease symptoms
    • a natural nasal-sinus spray
    • if the air is very dry I use a room humidifier
  7. If the above protocol does not clear your sinuses, then I do steam inhalations
    • watch the steam temperature so it won't paralyze you nasal and sinus cilia
    • use some natural disinfectant in the water. For example, eucalyptus
  8. Large doses of vitamin C--3 to 4 grams a day--can act as a natural antihistamine; if I had kidney problems I would check this with my doctor
  9. Drink herbal tea made from echinacea or astragalus, they can help to prevent sinus infections
  10. Keep nasal and sinus cavities clear from mucus as much as possible
  11. If the degree of sinus pressure caused by the allergic reaction is very severe I may want to:
  12. Find out the specific allergens causing your allergy problem so you can directly address it
    • I get close to the items I suspect, breathe deeply and see what happens
    • if I get a noticeable reaction--itchy eyes, sneezing, sinuses tighten, coughing, etc.
      • then I decide whether I should see an allergy specialist or not
      • skin allergy tests can then be performed on those suspected items
      • if the allergic reaction is severe the relief of choice is allergy injections to desensitize the body
  13. Becoming acquainted with sinus pressure symptoms can help nip it in the bud
  14. Consult my pharmacist for some OTC remedy
  15. Sometimes dry mucus and contaminants accumulate in the nasal cavity and a state of the art irrigation technology can help. See below
  16. Becoming acquainted with the sinus cavity structure and functions can help better understand why and how to care for them e
  17. When dark yellow mucus followed by green mucus is present it is usually an indication of a sinus infection; should it not go away in a few days a visit to the doctor would be wise.

Helpful Information About Sinus Pressure

Colds and sinus pressure connection
There will be a watery mucus at the beginning, followed by a light yellow to a darker yellow mucus, which can sometimes accompany coughing. The process will last a few days and then you will begin to feel better. There is not much you can do to expedite the cure which is done by the immune system itself. It should be recognized that acute bronchitis frequently develops from a cold, flu, virus. Hay fever that is allowed to cause serious irritation can infect the nasal cavity membrane by not dealing with it soon and effectively. Recent research has also shown that sinus infection can develop from a fungus in the nasal mucus itself. Thus the importance of properly caring from a common virus or cold and preventing mucus to develop harmful fungi or bacteria. There are a some things you can do to make the sickness from a virus or cold more tolerable.
Nasal Cavity and Upper Respiratory Tract

Nasal Cavity and Upper Respiratory Tract
a - vertebrae, b - esophagus, c - trachea
d - cricoid cartilage, e - laryngopharynx, f -
pharynx, g - nasopharynx, k - tongue,
l - hard palate, o - superior turbinate,
p - middle turbinate, q - inferior turbinate

What I Would Do:
  • Rest and relax all I can to help the immune system do its job
    • to excrete toxins from the body
    • boost the immune system
  • Antibiotics will not do any good
  • Use 3 times a day for 3 days "nature's antiviral botanicals" EB and G or A
  • Drink all the water I can possibly manage--minimum of 6 glasses a day
  • Supplement P is an excellent antioxidant which can help boost my immune system also
  • Watch what I eat since what we eat does matter to the sinuses
  • If the snot turns green
    • it can be a sign of a secondary bacterial infection
    • if it does not go away within a week from its onset
      • I will probably need an antibiotic. For example, Keflex, Bactrim DS, etc
      • go see my doctor
      • otherwise it will linger on for a long time
  • Should I build up phlegm in the lower respiratory track do not swallow it
  • Keep the sinus and nasal cavities clear to prevent sinus pressure
  • The color of mucus can tell about an infection progression

Sinus pressure and sinus infection connection
If not relieved sinus pressure can convert into a chronic sinus pressure condition, especially when the cause of the pressure is not eliminated. When sinus pressure mucus stagnates it can infect and bring about a bacterial sinus infection.
Symptoms of a bacterial sinus infection:

What I Would Do:

  • Begin to drink large quantities of water and non sugary fruit juices
  • Take herbals EB, G, A
  • Take high doses of antioxidants to boost immune system. Blueberries and pomegranates are high in this element. Or use a concentrated form as in P
  • Rest and relax to help your immune system
  • Detoxify the body through heavy perspiration--from a sauna or bathtub. Don't get chilled afterward! Go to bed and sleep
  • Although not very popular, fasting is an excellent way to detoxify and boost the immune system
  • If I am not better within a week I may need an antibiotic such as: Keflex, Bactrim DS, etc., if I have a bacterial infection. Only a physician can prescribe antibiotics
  • Do acupressure to keep sinus and nasal cavities clear
  • If there is phlegm--the real sticky stuff--I do not swallow it, but spit it out
  • For a quick and permanent relief of sinus pressure one needs to address nutrition as a first step. Some foods can be just plain bad for the sinuses
  • I make sure I do no swallow phlegm which would recycle back unwanted germs to the body. Get to know the meaning of the color of mucus
  • Do not eat foods that can contribute to mucus production

Lesser known causes of sinus pressure
Allergies are high on the list. Then a significant cause of chronic sinus pressure can sometimes be the result of a weaken immune system caused by attitudes, emotions and conflicts within ourselves, for example:

  • Intense, prolonged emotional stress: Guilt, sorrow, work place and family problems. These strong emotions can cause muscular stress. Which in turn can restrict the sinus passages and can cause mucus to accumulate, resulting in sinus pressure and infection, etc.
  • Structural: Whenever structural mal-formations are present in the nasal cavity that impedes the free flow of air and mucus. Mucus accumulates, pressure, infection follows. It can also cause phlegm to emerge in other areas
  • Poor diet, lack of exercise, constipation: It is common knowledge that there exists a correlation between physical exercise and good health. The detrimental impact of certain foods on sinus pressure and other sinus ailments is becoming more obvious. Three categories of foods sinus sufferers should avoid is explained in detail in "Three Steps to Sinus and Mucus Relief"

Foods and Sinus Pressure Relief. Although not everyone agrees on the role of foods in relation to sinus pressure and related ailments, such as drainage, one thing is certain: In my particular case and that of all other sinus pressure sufferers I have approached on this subject, the answer has always been the same: When certain foods are eaten they affect the sinuses negatively in direct proportion to the quantity of food ingested. Sinus pressure, drainage, congestion, were typical reactions. The degree of their effect is in direct proportion to the amounts that are eaten of those foods. In the publication: Three Steps to Sinus and Mucus Relief this subject is thoroughly discussed and specific foods are listed that could make a huge difference for those suffering from sinus pressure, congestion, drainage, and other related ailments.

Foods Which Can Help Clear the Sinuses

  • Fresh fruits
  • Pineapple
    • it has cleansing properties
    • bromelain is its active medicinal ingredient
  • Vegetables
    • cruciferous are known for their cleansing and medicinal properties
    • many different vegetables are needed daily for a balanced diet
  • Garlic
    • deemed to be a "miracle herb"
    • called nature's "antibiotic"
    • deemed to have anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties
    • the list of remedial benefits is long
    • thousands of scientific research attest the validity of many claims
  • Onions
  • Chiles
    • together with other hot spices it clears the and sinuses breathing passages
    • it's inexpensive and readily available
  • Ginger
  • Cayenne pepper containing spices - see under "chiles", above

Foods Which Can Help the Healing of Sinus Issues

  • Non-mucus forming foods:
    • fruits
      • fresh
      • cooked
    • green-leaf vegetables
    • nuts
      • they should not over used
      • most of them are acid forming
  • Fruits
    • pineapples
      • it has bromelain
      • it contains other medicinal properties
      • it has cleansing properties
    • lemons and limes
    • grapefruits
      • has cleansing properties
      • promotes general health
    • avocados
      • promotes general health
      • helps the body cope better with sinus mucus
      • it has been called the body's lubricant
  • Fresh green-leaf vegetables
    • swiss chad
    • lettuces
    • spinach
    • celery, etc.
  • Nuts
    • almonds, especially
      • non-acid forming
      • it is considered by some to have cancer preventing properties
    • filberts
    • pecans
    • walnuts
    • pistachios, etc
  • Spicy foods
    • their decongestant properties help prevent sinus mucus accumulation and pressure
      • peppers
        • cayenne
        • jalapenos, etc.
      • other "hot" peppers
    • they should be used with moderation
  • Garlic
    • allicin is its active medicinal element
    • it has been called "nature's antibiotic"
    • it can help prevent and relieve sinus infection
  • Coconut water
    • it has much potassium
    • it is credited with bodily cleansing properties

Over-the counter remedies for sinus pressure relief
For many of us non-drug, natural remedies for sinus pressure relief would be preferable over commercial preparations. It is recognized, however, that it is not always feasible to obtain them. Furthermore, commercial remedies for sinus pressure relief have the advantage of accomplishing expected results, sometimes, sooner than natural ones, with the possible exception of acupressure--sinus pressure points--to drain the sinus cavities. Here are some OTC remedies one can consider to relieve (consult the doctor if there is any question) sinus pressure symptoms:

  • Sudafed
  • Neo-Synephrin - please, read side effects on label
  • Afrin

This is a very limited list; there are other remedies more potent, but which require a prescription.

Sinus pressure prevention
Considering that sinus pressure is often accumulated sinus and nasal mucus, one of the things to remember on prevention is that there can be a sinus pressure-yellow mucus-green mucus connection. That an unaddressed or poorly relieved sinus pressure can have undesirable consequences as sinus drainage, or other respiratory system infection--and the annoying excessive mucus or phlegm that usually accompany one. Life style is king when it comes to sinus pressure prevention. If you have rhinitis (hay fever) or allergies you should take care of these conditions if they are significant the best way you can. These are things you can do to prevent the next bout with sinus pressure

  • If you smoke you need to quit
  • Sleep 7-8 hours per night
  • Eliminate any pressure on the nerves of the cervical area
  • Use a humidifier at night when humidity is low
  • Exercise regularly
  • Above all eat and drink rightly:
    • avoid eating histamine and mucus producing foods
    • drink 5-7 glasses of water a day
    • certain habits dry the respiratory system membranes increasing vulnerability to infections:
      • leisure drugs
      • alcohol
      • coffee
  • Faith and confidence in your religious beliefs can have therapeutic benefits
  • Keeps your sinuses and nasal cavity clear as much as possible to avoid potential mucus problems
  • Nip sinus pressure in the bud
  • If you have chronic sinus drainage from allergies or otherwise you should try to take of it to avoid complications
  • Remember that house dust is a potential source of allergenic, sinus pressure and sinus drainage
  • If you believe hay fever (rhinitis) is involved consider seeing and allergist physician, he/she can single out specific allergens that may be causing the sinus pressure. Sometimes sinus drainage is also a symptom of an allergic reaction, therefore it should also be addressed.
  • Avoid mucus producing foods

Today whenever sinus pressure wants to build up I take some simple steps to quickly get rid of sinus pressure and this saves a lot of potential headaches. Beyond the cure of sinus pressure is successful prevention.


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