Sinus Congestion

After many years of battling sinus congestion I found the cure I was looking for. You see this was one of the sinus problems I had to face from early childhood. As I grew up I thought this was "normal," so I learned to accept it. Then came a time when I decided to do some research. I learned that it often precedes a sinus infection and sinus pressure as well as excessive sinus drainage and sinus pain. If you do not have the time to read this article and yet would like to know how I cured my sinus problems click here. But remember this: sinus congestion, a precursor of sinus pressure, can lead to sinusitis and other sinus conditions like bronchitis, sinus pressure, sinus headaches, or even sinus cavity diseases if left to become chronic.

There are two alternatives for relieving nasal or sinus congestion: Get rid of the cause(s) of the problem and it will probably soon disappear including, of course, the discomforts or symptoms now being experienced. Or just deal with the latter (symptoms) and continue medicating them as they comeback. If you would rather get rid of the "pain" once and for all, please, Click

The rest of this page will give some general information on sinus congestion.

Causes of sinus congestion

Although there has been some debate as to whether food can be a cause of sinus problems, the evidence I experienced was quite conclusive to me and to others that it, in fact, does. From a very real standpoint I can attest to that because time after time, for decades, I would get serious congestion every time I ate certain foods, like clockwork. It became so evident that I totally stopped eating and drinking them. After doing this my sinus and mucus problems, as a whole, began to get better within days; especially sinus congestion and headache. Conversely, after fasting for about three days my sinuses cleared up very well.

Whenever I allowed a sinus congestion to persist and the excess mucus to stay in the sinus cavities and nasal passages I would eventually end up with a sinus infection and/or sinus pressure. It is important, as you can see, to have the sinuses clear at all times, except for the normal amount of mucus necessary to carry out vital functions such as: air filtering, removal of debris, etc. Sometimes mucus can get infected and the infection recycle back, thus be aware of this possibility if your bout with congestion does not clear up soon. Since sinus congestion can be a precursor to sinus pressure and sinus drainage, it is very important to, ideally, nip congestion in the bud. Chronic sinus congestion and chronic sinus pressure should be addressed fully the sooner the better.

Sin uses MRI

Sinus MRI
Stop sinus congestion
This is what I would do or consider doing to deal with the congestion and stop the symptoms:
  1. Do acupressure (sinus pressure points)
    • at the base of the skull to move mucus out
    • at the indentation on the eyebrows close to the nose bridge
  2. Consider doing room temperature steam inhalations
  3. Home made saline solution irrigation
    • use canning salt-not table salt
    • use distilled water
    • water should be lukewarm
      • be sure steam is not above 100 degree Fahrenheit
      • protect the cilia on the nasal membranes
  4. Drink 5-6 glasses of pure water daily
  5. Eat cleansing foods like:
  6. Drink herbal teas like thyme
  7. When used judiciously OTC remedies helped me cope better with stress of sinus congestion:
    • plain guaifenesin
    • acetaminophen (Tylenol - for Sinus, Congestion, Pain)
    • Vicks Vaporub
  8. Prescription nasal sprays
  9. Remember that yellow and green mucus can be signs of a sinus infection
  10. Saline solution nasal sprays
  11. Whenever fever is involved consider seeing you doctor

When using nasal sprays to deal with congestion, one should not harm the membrane found in the nasal and sinus cavities, nor the cilia. These hair like tiny organisms act like oars; moving mucus laden with germs, dust and other foreign particles and contaminants, toward the right places in the respiratory system. Steam above a certain temperature paralyzes the cilia. Some medical authorities go as far as saying that most sinus problems are caused by the cilia not being able to perform their jobs properly for whatever reason. One should also be aware that all these medications relieve the symptoms of the problem only. To go to the cause of the problem one would have to go to one's environmental situation--e.g., house dust--which can also cause sinus pressure, drainage--,what one eats, to mention a few.

Sinus Congestion and Food
There is little question as to whether some foods are mucus producing or not. Empirically (in actual practice) some foods have been shown to cause mucus and in some cases even phlegm. The publication 3 Steps to Quick Sinus and Mucus Freedom click has an important section on this very important issue. Phlegm, green snot, yellow mucus, drainage, can occur in connection with a sinus infection resulting from stagnant mucus in the sinus cavity, which is often connected with sinus pressure or congestion, and which has infected and overloaded the immune system.

My experience has been that much can be done to prevent the onset of sinus congestion, sinus pressure, etc., especially in the area of food; especially with respect to mucus producing foods--for more information on this, please click. To a lesser, but still significant degree, are refined grains and cereals---especially cold breakfast cereals which contain a high quantity of refined flour or starches and sugar. Those with rhinitis (also called hay fever) and its clear mucus (histamine) or having excessive mucus to contend with, including post-nasal drip, sinus pressure, etc, sugar will likely exacerbate the mucus situation and possibly cause headaches. Although rhinitis is not curable its symptoms can be lessened considerably. Food as a significant factor in sinus congestion should be carefully studied by those suffering from this disorder. Ask yourself: Could allergies and food be a significant cause of my sinus congestion?

Here is something one can do to ascertain, "informally", what foods could be giving some of the sinus symptoms: Try eating some foods you may suspect as possible culprits. Eat a significant amount thereof and keep a simple journal showing date, the suspected food, plus other foods eaten with the latter, and any adverse reaction in detail. If you think you get an adverse reaction after a trial, try it again in few days later and compare the results. In my particular case, mucus or sinus pressure producing foods was about 70-80 percent of the cause of my sinus congestion:

It is lamentable that many do not understand that some foods can indeed affect negatively the state of the sinuses. Although some in the medical field do not agree, again, evidence abounds supporting that affirmation. Here is a partial list of foods as they can act on sinus congestion and other sinus issues--pressure, drainage, allergies, etc.:

Foods Which Can Produce Sinus Congestion:

  1. Refined grains and cereals
    • white bread
    • white rice
    • processed corn
    • refined breakfast cereals
  2. Edibles containing chemical additives
  3. Eggs
  4. Fermented foods
    • beer
    • wine
    • cheese
    • sauerkraut
    • sour cream
    • sourdough bread
    • vinegar
    • pickles
    • fish sauce
    • kimchi
    • fermented bean curds
    • fermented soy beans
  5. Sugar containing foods
    • soft drinks
    • pastries
    • ice cream
    • most desserts
    • sugary cold breakfast cereals
  6. Refined carbs
    • pastas
    • processed grains and legumes, etc.

Congestion Clearing Foods:

  • Fresh fruits
  • Pineapple
    • has cleansing properties
    • contains bromelain--active medicinal substance
    • conveniently available
  • Vegetables
    • cruciferous are known for their cleansing and healing properties
    • tubers
    • other vegetables which are needed for a balance diet
  • Garlic
    • considered by experts as a "miracle herb"
    • nature's "antibiotic"
    • it has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-cancer properties
    • the list of remedial benefits is long
    • thousands of scientific research confirm the validity of many claims
  • Onions
  • Chiles
    • together with other hot spices it clears the sinuses and breathing passages
    • it's inexpensive and readily available
  • Ginger
  • Cayenne pepper containing spices - see under "chiles", above

Congestion Friendly Foods

For those suffering from excessive mucus or those wanting to prevent excessive mucus, here is a list of mucus friendly foods:
  • Fruits
    • pineapples
    • lemons and limes
    • grapefruits
      • has cleansing properties
      • promotes general health
    • avocados
  • Fresh vegetables
    • carrots
    • lettuces
    • turnips
    • yams, etc.
  • Garlic
    • it is loaded with medicinal properties
    • it can help prevent and relieve sinus infection
  • Coconut water
    • it has much potassium
    • it is credited with bodily cleansing properties

Congestion Clearing Foods:

  • Non-mucus forming foods:
    • fruits
    • green-leaf vegetables
    • nuts
  • Fruits
    • pineapples
    • lemons and limes
    • grapefruits
      • has cleansing properties
      • promotes general health
    • avocados
      • promotes general health
      • helps the body cope better with sinus mucus
  • Fresh green-leaf vegetables
    • swiss chad
    • lettuces
    • spinach
    • celery, etc.
  • Nuts
    • almonds, especially
      • non-acid forming
      • it is considered by some to be a cancer prevent er
    • filberts
    • pecans
    • walnuts
    • pistachios, etc
  • Spicy foods
    • they have decongestant properties
      • peppers
        • cayenne
        • jalapenos, etc.
      • other "hot" peppers
    • they should be used with moderation
  • Garlic
    • it is loaded with medicinal properties
    • it has been called "nature's antibiotic"
    • it can help prevent and relieve sinus infection
  • Coconut water
    • it has much potassium
    • it is credited with bodily cleansing properties
  • The following are questions that one may ask himself or herself which nay shed some light in poinpointing the cause of the sinus:
    • What plant, etc., seems to give an allergic reaction when close to it?
    • Where do I spend significant more time now than before my sinus bouts?
    • Was I in contact with household chemicals before my las sinus congestion episode?
    • Was I exposed to heavy house dust?
    • Do I get sinus pressure, etc., when exposed to house dust?
    • Am I living now or working in a heavy smog area?
    • Does my congestion often lead to sinus pressure, drainage, etc.?
    • What plants, trees are or were blooming just before mys last episode?
    • What color is the mucus?
    • Are there molds around?
    • Do I try to keep my sinuses clear to avoid sinus pressure?
    • Do I cough a lot when I am in certain environments?

If your answer is, yes, to any of the questions, above, relating to the environment it does not follow automatically that there is a correlation between your sinus and the environment; but that it would be interesting to follow up on that possibility. In my particular case I was very allergic to house dust mite droppings, and I didn't know it, an allergy tests revealed it. Once this allergen was identified and addressed I began to feel a lot better. In some respects it is a matter of common sense and interest from one's part. Doctors do not always have complete knowledge about the causes of our particular sinus problems, nor do they know the details of our lives as well as we do. We can help ourselves by suggesting to the doctor the findings from our own observations

Nasal Cavity and Upper Respiratory Tract

Nasal Cavity and Upper Respiratory Tract
a - vertebrae, b - esophagus, c - trachea
d - cricoid cartilage, e - laryngopharynx, f -
pharynx, g - nasopharynx, k - tongue,
l - hard palate, o - superior turbinate,
p - middle turbinate, q - inferior turbinate

Is there a connection between sinus congestion and sinus pressure?
Often sinus congestion and sinus pressure can precede other sinus problems, especially when it is allowed to persist indefinitely and harmful bacteria develop. They can find safe heaven in a warm, moist environment. Thus it is very important to address sinus congestion at the onset, before pressure sets in. If it persists it is well to remember that there can be a connection between chronic irritation, congestion, infection of the nasal cavity membranes, sinus drainage and rhinitis. As a person learns to detect the causes of his (her) congestion one can better avoid those causes. And if one comes occasionally anyway, a person is better prepared to deal with it--if. you are well informed. Food, it should be well understood, can play a significant role in sinus health and mucus production in common disorders such as: rhinitis (hay fever), although not curable, can be much minimized by right eating and relief procedure. These are the connections to stop at the outset begriming with: congestion and sinus pressure - infection - yellow mucus- green mucus - drainage

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