Green Mucus: Causes Symptoms and Relief

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Most mucus problems have a widely unrecognized common denominator. Should you tackle it you would probably not only get rid of the green mucus issue, but also other related sinus issues. But first it is important to know something about mucus production:

Green mucus
Unlike green mucus our body produces, normally, from one to two pints of clear, watery, healthy mucus every day, this is consideredl. We don't notice it until it gets thick or it becomes excessive. Normal mucus contains: antiseptic enzymes, muckiness, nonorganic salts, water. Why do we need it? To lubricate our respiratory organs and guard their membranes from obnoxious invaders such as: viruses, bacteria, foreign particles. On the other hand, green mucus is often an indication of a bacterial infection in the respiratory system, when accompanied by the following other symptoms:

  • nasal congestion
  • high fever, especially when lasting more than 3 days
  • sinus pain
  • blood is present in the nasal discharge
In those cases is best to go see a physician. But we do need the right kind of mucus--not the green type; except that the latter serves, as we have have seen, as a sign that something is wrong inside--besides helping to get rid of germs or other unwanted intruders. But too much of a good thing, here clear mucus, could send a person seeking for excessive mucus relief. Thus knowing the mucus color meaning can be very helpful in combating whatever is abnormal in our respiratory system--whether it is green mucus from the nose or the one draining back of the throat. Thus if you are really looking for a permanent solution that goes to the cause of green mucus you need the right information, whether in this web site or elswhere. Since I suffered from sinus issues for a long time I learned first hand how to care for green mucus, yellow mucus, etc. Thus I have put together in three easy steps what I did that permanently took care of all my sinus issues. Please, see below:

Green mucus can be a symptom of:

  • Cold or flu
  • Allergy reaction
  • Air dryness
  • Bronchitis
  • Candida albicans (a fungus (yeast) which rarely has a green mucus symptom)
  • Sinusitis
  • Nasal polyps

Green mucus can be a symptom that our body is being attacked by either a bacteria or a virus. Some authorities believe that green mucus appears towards the end of the infection sometimes after yellow mucus has shown its color. At any rate, if green mucus does not go away in a few days it should be dealt with.

Where is green mucus produced:

  • the nasal membranes
  • the membranes lining the
    • trachea
    • bronchi
    • bronchioles
    • sinus

Sin uses MRI

Sinus MRI

The purpose of mucus is to:

  • moisten the air going through the nose and airways--preventing tissues from drying out, trap foreign particles, bacteria, microbes, from the air entering the nose
  • protect the lungs and other respiratory system organs

Green mucus as a cause of sinus infection
To keep the sinus cavities healthy, mucus and air must be constantly moving from the nasal to the sinus cavities through tiny openings in the latter. If it doesn't, for whatever reason, mucus will accumulate, stagnate and become a breeding ground for bacteria. In days the sinuses can become infected. There will be at first clear mucus coming through the nose--sometimes called drainage--later changing color to yellow. Then, in some cases, green mucus will follow. The latter indicates that a bacterial or viral infection has set in. This is especially true when the green mucus is accompanied by bad odor or bad breath. Phlegm in the chest area can also appear. Most sinus infections are viral. Green mucus is usually thicker than yellow mucus, thus it tends to create sinus congestion, and sinus pressure. When that happens sinus pain, also called "sinus headache," may also appear. Phlegm accompanies a sinus infection to help the immune system cope with the infection overload. Phlegm, however, does not form in the nasal cavity. Coughing up yellow mucus may precede some of the above symptoms. Getting to know sinus pressure symptoms can help prevent sinus cavity disease when acted upon. According to some authorities coughing up green phlegm is a "sure sign" of a bacterial infection in the bronchi or lungs, but it could also indicate post nasal drip caused by a sinus infection.

Nasal Cavity and Upper Respiratory Tract

Nasal Cavity and Upper Respiratory Tract
a - vertebrae, b - esophagus, c - trachea
d - cricoid cartilage, e - laryngopharynx, f -
pharynx, g - nasopharynx, k - tongue,
l - hard palate, o - superior turbinate,
p - middle turbinate, q - inferior turbinate

How green phlegm and mucus is produced
A sinus infection producing green mucus often begins with an allergic reaction to the environment: pollens, smog, house dust, smoke, chemical fumes, etc. The sinus membranes, nasal cavity and upper respiratory tract become irritated and sometimes inflamed. Sometimes a virus irritates those membranes and a sinus infection, drainage, follows. First clear mucus, followed by light and dark yellow. Then, when the infection has set in, yellow mucus. Should this condition persists for many days, it could develop into rhinitis and those membranes will become very susceptible to other viruses and bacteria entering the respiratory system. It is, therefore, a must to address an allergic attack right away, before sinus pressure, sinus infection or rhinitis set in. Phlegm, on the other hand, is produced only by the lungs, and is a sign of a problem. It is not produced nor present in the nose cavity. Phlegm is a specialized mucus which helps the immune system cope when it is overloaded.

Sometimes when significant amounts of mucus is produced by the nasal cavities, instead of draining out the nostril openings, it goes directly to the posterior section of the nasal cavity and into the back of the throat, to become post-nasal drip. This latter terminology also applies to excessive sinus mucus which also goes down the back of the throat. Henceforth we will use sometimes the terms green snot or green mucus or green phlegm indistinctly.

How I get rid of green mucus -- for temporary relief of symptoms
I have found that a combination of naturally remedies and OTC medications can bring quick relief of symptoms. This is what I consider doing:

  1. Avoid mucus producing foods
  2. Relieve sinus pressure soon whenever it takes place
    • I use sinus acupressure--for details click to allow air and mucus to circulate freely
    • to prevent possible infection
  3. Maintain the nasal cavity clear from mucus as much as possible Green snot (nasal mucus) can start with a hay fever--also called rhinitis--attack
    • keep mucus flowing rather than stagnating
    • drink lots of water
    • taking extra amounts of vitamin C can help
  4. Use herbal remedy EB in liquid form and W--for details click; they are, perhaps, the best natural antiviral remedies available
    • to guard against a full blown sinus infection to fight viruses
    • these herbals must be taken, to be effective, at the very outset of the symptoms
  5. Consider the use of some OTC antihistamine
    • I understand that they deal with symptoms only know and be aware of:
      • possible drowsiness
      • other side effects on vital organs
    • I would read the label carefully and follow the instructions
    • I would be sure they harmonize with other medications I may be taking
    • I do not want to create dependency
  6. Unless specifically prescribed by a physician and explained to me why, I would not use any of the following nasal sprays :
    • naphazoline
    • xylometazoline
    • phenilephrine
    • oxymetazoline
  7. Get as much information as you can on sinus in order to know how to deal effectively with it
  8. As with all sinus problems, I would drink as many glasses of plain water as possible
    • room temperature water is better than ice cold ionized water is also, generally, better if the ionization level is high, I wait 24 hours before drinking
    • ionization has antioxidant properties
  9. Relax as much as possible
    • to give the immune system a good fighting chance
    • it will help prevent complications
  10. Do sinus pressure points (acupressure points) C7 to build up natural immunity to allergens
    • I do this for 3-4 minutes twice a day indefinitely
      • the precise acupressure spot must be found
      • the exact location is usually more sensitive than adjacent area
  11. I keep my mind relaxed and concentrate on the benefits I seek while doing acupressure; I do not do it immediately after eating a meal it does not cost anything, except a few minutes and no side effects
    • it is natural and a proven help
      • I follow the instructions in Three Steps to Sinus and Mucus Relief
      • after my bout with green mucus I continue my acupressure procedure
        • this helps prevent a next bout with green mucus
        • I would add other acupressure points to help my general health
    • it is free and no side effects
  12. Avoid constant stressful exertions--they can weaken the immune system
    • green mucus, colds and flu are often stress related
      • I would learn how to really relax
      • I would exclude stimulant drinks such as:
        • coffee and colas
        • regular teas
    • learn to have faith and confidence based on religious values
    • curb my ambitions if I have set for myself very demanding goals
    • House dust can often be very allergenic and the root cause of sinus pressure, green mucus or drainage
      • thus I would make a simple home dust allergy test
      • I would see an allergy specialist if necessary
    • If green mucus begins to accumulate and create sinus pressure. I would:
      • do steam inhalations to open nasal and sinus passages
        • I would use eucalyptus oil drops in the water or
        • thyme leaves; they can help to decongest
      • keep my face about 18 inches from the steam source
      • watch for steam temperature--should be below 102F
        • to protect the cilia
        • to avoid burning myself
      • Check for misalignments that can exert pressure on spinal cord and impede full nerve energy flow. They can be caused:
        • at birth--during delivery by accidents--blows to the head, etcbad posture
        • for explanations and how to obtain relief, see Three Steps to Sinus Relief at end of page
Learning a quick way to relieve sinus pressure can go a long way to prevent infection and potentially green mucus. If I had a bad case of rhinitis I would control the histamine flow in order avoid irritating badly the mucous membranes Nasal irrigation can keep the nasal cavity clear and supplement the above therapeutic steps keep the nasal cavity clear and avoid excessive mucus, congestion and sinus pressure and potentially yellow and green mucus is one of my goals. Know the foods which are mucus producing and avoid them

Until a few years ago, although rare, surgical procedures were used to take out a portion of the nasal membrane in the belief that it was the cause of infection and of green mucus, in some cases. The latest research as of this writing has demonstrated that the nasal membrane is not the problem, but the mucus itself which gets infected. Thus surgery is not the answer in the vast majority of cases to green mucus. There is, however, a procedure called: opening of the osteomeatal complex which is used to open the ostia--the small openings at the end of the sinus cavities connecting them to the nasal's--when it is permanently obstructed. All other avenues should be explored before considering this surgical procedure. Often an MRI is used to determine with certainty whether the ostium is, indeed, permanently obstructed. In some cases of cancer in the nasal or sinus cavity membranes a surgical procedure can be, in some instances, an option. But those cancer cases are extremely rare.

What to do for snot
Snot come in different hues, thus depending on the color so should be the relief procedure. There are however some things one can do to alleviate snot problems in general. This is what I do for snot:

  1. Drink a minimum of 5 glasses of plain water a day
  2. Avoid sugar in all its forms
    • soft drinksdessertscandies
    • sugary breakfast cereals
  3. Avoid fermented foods
    • beer
    • sour krout
    • cheeses
  4. Keep sinuses clear as much as possible
    • by doing acupressure
    • sinus rinse--no more than twice a day
      • neti pot
      • any other reliable rinse devise
  5. If it is due to a temporary allergic reaction
    • I take an antihistamime, such as:
      • AllegraClaritin
      • if not sure I would talk to my pharmacist
    • try to find out the allergen causing the problem
  6. If it is due to a cold or viral infection
    • I rest all I can
    • I continue drinking water as explained in number 1, above
    • I would eat fresh garlic--assuming I can handle it
    • I would take a hot bath and perspire good for 15-20 minutes
      • to rid the body of toxins
      • get the immune system a beeter chance to work
    • I take a table spoon of elderberry syrup every 4 hours for several days

Chronic green mucus
Giving the immune system a beneficial early boost can stem a sinus infection by "nipping it in the bud." Knowing, therefore, the symptoms of a begriming sinus infection can be very beneficial. For example, sinus drainage, watery light yellow or clear mucus--can allow for early relief procedure and truly nip the infection in the bud. Natural remedies, at that early stage, often yield very rewarding results. There are two herbs in particular, let's call them "herbs A and B." These have proven to be formidable immune system boosters, if used early on. Sinus pressure can be a precursor to sinus infection, which often leads to yellow mucus, viruses, "colds,'' and even the "flu." Everyone I know who has tried them have become believers. Herbs "A" and "B" are explained in detail in "Three Steps to Sinus and Mucus Relief." There are four other considerations one should consider to defeat chronic green mucus:

  • Food choices - this is much overlooked and more important than most of us realize Allergies - to pollens, household or work place chemicals, house dust, animal dander Dislocation of a bone in the neck area - this imp ides full nerve energy flow to the rest of the body Chronic infection - can be caused by irritation of the nasal or sinus membranes
  • Permanent elimination of sinus pressure - this is sometimes the genesis of many sinus infection

Green phlegm
What does it mean?
Unlike plain mucus green phlegm is a specialized type of mucus which often appears toward the end of an infection of the sinus, or any other part of the upper respiratory tract, except the nasal cavity. Phlegm is produced in the lungs and hangs on to a specific area until its job is done. Thus it will trap as many offensive germs and viruses--like those producing colds or the flu--as it can and then dispose of them. After carrying out its mission and laden with unwanted bacteria and viruses, green phlegm travels, with the aid of the cilia, toward the throat to be coughed out. This is why phlegm should never be swallowed, but spit out. Green phlegm is nearly always and indication of a sinus infection and since most of them result from viruses they are not, therefore, addressed with antibiotics. Sometimes a bacterial secondary infection sets in, especially when the former is not properly addressed, then an antibiotic can be used. As stated already, phlegm should not be swallowed, but coughed out either naturally, by a chest percussion procedure and or by use of an OTC remedy.

How I would get rid of green phlegm

  1. Do not swallow it
  2. If I were a smoker I would quit
  3. Drink as much water and other fluids as possible
  4. avoid sugary fluids
    • soft drinks
    • sugary "fruit juice drinks"
  5. avoid also cow's milk including
    • milk shakes
    • ice cream, etc.
  6. natural fresh juices and plain water are fine drinkss
  7. Hot drinks are specifically beneficial to help loosen phlegm
    • hot tea of thyme leaves--used by some as decongestant
    • a good nap after drinking the tea can be beneficial
  8. An OTC remedy can often be sufficient to loose it such as:
    • plain guaifenesin
    • Mucinex
    • any other your pharmacist may recommend
  9. A chest percussion procedure can be the fastest, natural way to get rid of phlegm done by:
    • getting into a sauna bath or inhaling steam for about 10 minutes
      • steam reaching the nose should be kept below 102 degrees F if felt light headed it should then be ended
      • eucalyptus oil can be added to the water
    • next I would lay face down on a padded table with the arms hanging out and down from the end of the tableplace a bucket on the floor below the face--to catch the phlegm someone can then tap my back with cupped hands for about 15 minutescough up the phlegm as it loosens and spit out into bucket--do not swallow it
    • sleep or rest for at least an hour after the relief procedure

Green snot
Nasal green mucus or green snot, as it is sometimes called, together with other signs or symptoms could be an indication of several disorders including acute or chronic bronchitis. Especially if it is accompanied by:

  • coughfatigueslight fever and chillswheezingproduction of clear or white or yellowish or green mucus (snot) chest discomfort
  • shortness of breath

I know you want to stop the green snot, but often we need to go to the cause of the problem, thus if this condition persists for more than a few days you would probably be wise to see your doctor.

Rhinitis and green mucus
Often sinus infection and resulting green mucus is linked to a common and annoying kind of irritation and inflammation of the nasal cavities, called rhinitis or hay fever--a swelling of the nasal membranes caused by an allergic reaction and accompanied by nasal drainage. Some call it "runny nose". And can be caused by viruses or other irritants. It has been shown that it can produce ear and sleep disorders and affect brain activity. What is the underlying cause of rhinitis? The answer is allergens, as one of the most common causes: pollens, house dust, smoke, etc. So to go to the root cause of green mucus the allergy problem would have to be addressed. Seeing an allergy specialist is an option, unless I have severe allergies in which case I would see a doctor soon. He will determine which specific allergen(s) is (are) causing the rhinitis symptoms. Desensitizing therapy can then be administered.

Antibiotics and their use
While antibiotics have their place in relieving a bacterial sinus infection, the medical profession has become concerned about their over use--antibiotics become ineffective when they are used over and over again. Side effects--like decimation of the stomach and intestinal floras --are also of significant concern. For these reasons, natural relief procedures of sinus infections is gaining acceptance.

Botanical remedies
As already seen green mucus signifies that a sinus infection has fully developed. At that point a physician should be consulted, if the infection lasts over a week. The usual remedy is an antibiotic taken by mouth. For example, Bactrim DS. Natural remedies are not usually recommended at this stage. If not addressed promptly, right after the first symptoms of the sinus infection appear, the latter could move to other parts of the respiratory system. On the other hand, if the infection is caught and addressed early, natural remedies can be used effectively. For example, herb "EB" and "G,"--explained in detail in Three Steps to Sinus and Mucus Relief ; they can be excellent to combat almost any sinus infection, sinus pressure and related sinus problems, again, if addressed at the onset it would go to the cause of the green yucky stuff and nip it in the bud. Isn't that what you want? Inhalation therapy
While inhalation therapy can be very beneficial I would guard against harming the nasal and sinus cavities' cilia. They are very small one cell organs with hairlike projections which line the breathing organs and are responsible for moving mucus to the right place. Steam contacting the cilia should be of the right temperature so it won't paralyze them. OTC remedies
There are a number of OTC remedies which can alleviate the symptoms accompanying the underlying causes of green mucus. My pharmacist will be glad to show me what is available. These remedies will not cure the underlying cause of the mucus, but will lessen the discomfort. They should be used judiciously.

Permanent green mucus relief
While the above therapeutic elements have their proper place in relieving symptoms, to effect a cure we need to address the root causes of the green mucus. In many instances they are:

  • Allergies - as explained above. But now, rather than relieving symptoms we need to have the body desensitized to the allergen. This is accomplished by allergy tests. Then for those items showing a high level of allergic reaction desensitizing therapy can be administered Immune system deficiency - by regular use of acupressure and right botanicals the immune system can be boosted regularly and safely. This will prevent infections from easily setting inClearance factor - keep your sinuses clear at all times using naturally thus avoiding congestion which can lead to infection and green mucus Environmental change - sometimes the only way to avoid respiratory organ infections and recurring green mucus--when all relief procedures seem useless--is to change the environment. For example, high concentration of smog, certain regional plant pollens, extreme cold regions, etc., could be the primary cause of the infections which translate into excessive mucus production, drainage and potential sinus pressure, etc. Moving to a different environment should then be consideredWrong foods - most people underestimate the exacerbating effect of certain foods on green mucus production, sinus drainage and other sinus problems. This is discussed in the next segmentSinus pressure - quick sinus pressure relief can make a difference between healthy sinuses and green mucus
  • Nerve flow deficiency- its restoration through chiropractic can make a huge difference

All these items are covered in detail in the publication offered at the end of the page: Three Steps to Sinus and Mucus Relief

Food and green mucus
You should understand that certain foods are mucus producing, especially three of them which even contribute to post-nasal drip. It would be counter productive, therefore, to use them while fighting a sinus infection. In fact, if one is prone to this kind of ailment it would be advisable to significantly reduce the intake of those foods. On the other hand, there are foods that optimize the immune system by giving it a boost.

Whenever congestion, sinus headache and sinus pressure are involved, acupressure--sinus pressure points--can, in many cases, decongest the sinuses and reduce pressure in a few minutes, if the right technique is used. In other words, our immune system is able to fight successfully a sinus infection provided: (1) it is caught at an early stage (2) the immune system is boosted with the right natural supplements (3) the right foods are eaten (4) on the other hand fasting, on a regular basis, can also boost your immune system (5) the sinuses are kept clear by using natural procedures such as acupressure and/or inhalation. This is explained and illustrated in detail in, Three Steps to Sinus Cure, below.

Prevention of green mucus
The best relief for an ailment is its prevention. The adage: "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" still has its merits. Sometimes allergies to the environment , especially to house dust, can play a major roll in avoiding sinus issues, because they can irritate the sinus membranes and produce sinus pressure and green mucus, should it accumulate and infect. Keeping the sinuses clear at all times goes a long way also in prevention. Finally, the food we eat has more to do with sinus health than most realize. Some foods are very mucus producing and should be avoided since excessive mucus can lead to sinus pressure if not properly drained. Were these items followed regularly it would probably be the best prevention for the next sinus infection, and for the green mucus and bad breath sometimes accompanying it.

Deciphering the colors of mucus
The hues may vary somewhat, but essentially there are seven different mucus colors. Here are the meaning some authorities attach to the various colors:Clear--this is the normal, healthy type. We produce one pint to a quart of a gallon a day to keep our breathing system working properly.White--especially produced when one is having sinus problems and cow's milk is used. It can be also an indication of bronchitis. Pink or bloody--it can be an indication of a serious condition; a physician should be consulted.Brown--particularly produced by smokers, but also by those who are secondary recipients of the tobacco smoke.Green--can be an indicate an infection in the respiratory system like bronchitis. If it is accompanied by pain and/or fever for several days it can be an indication of a bacterial infection, which usually requires a visit to the doctor. Green snot, as nasal green mucus is sometimes called, can be a sign of: a common cold, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, upper respiratory infection. Sometimes green mucus can come at the tail end of an infection and following yellow mucus. It should be recognized that green mucus can often have pretty much the same basic meaning as yellow.Yellow--a dark yellow mucus can indicate a sinus infection, while a light yellow can be produced by dry air; while a thick yellow snot can indicate the presence of a "cold" and that one needs to drink more water.When accompanied by one or more of these symptoms:

  • coughing wheezing fatiguechest discomfort
  • shortness of breath after small exertions,

then the yellow mucus can be a symptom of bronchitis. A recurring condition with the presence of yellow mucus can also signify that there may be some other underlying problem in the respiratory system that needs to be looked at. A light yellow, thick and sticky mucus can be produced, as already mentioned, just because the air is very dry; and the nasal membrane. Providing additional moisture in the air by a cool or hot steam humidifier can be an excellent idea; since it can keep nasal and sinus membranes moist to help avoid infection.

Green Mucus Solution

This is what I found out was the three key elements in my cure:
1. Eliminated some foods - I cut back significantly or eliminated completely mucus, phlegm, histamine producing foods2. Kept sinuses clear always- I kept sinuses and passages clear--used acupressure techniques, natural remedies. Checked for allergies 3. Allowed full nerve energy flow - I removed pressure on spinal cord for full nerve energy flow and aid self healing I don't smoke, but if I did I would quit. This three-pronged approach led to my healing a few years ago and are fully explained in Three Steps to Sinus and Mucus Relief. See below.


Below are wishes from thousands of people who, besides having to deal with green mucus have, at times, other mucus issues for which they would like to have some guidance. Here are some of them and some tips:

What to do for snot
In most cases snot or mucus can be controlled. Here are some tips that have helped many solve the question, what to do for snot:

  1. Watch what you eat
    • do not use mucus producing or sinus adverse foods, such as:
      • starchy foods
      • dairy products
        • cows's milk
        • cheeses
        • yougurt
        • ice cream
      • sugar
        • soft drinks
        • sugary breakfast cereals
        • milk shakes
        • eggnog--perhaps the worst of thenm all
    • drink all the water you can--minimum 4-5 glasses a day
      • to thin mucus
      • boost your virus and bacteria fighting capability
      • to detoxify your body
  2. If you feel the snot you may have is due to an allergic reaction to the environment
    • make a simple test to see if indeed you do
    • if you do, depending on its intensity, decide whether
      • to handle it yourself
      • go see an allergy physician
    • house dust allergy is common and can be a source of serious sinus and snot problems
  3. Determine whether the snot is caused by a chronic sinus or nasal infection
    • if you determine that it is indeed a chronic infection decide whether you should go see a physician
    • do not postpone tackling it to prevent infecting a larger area of your respiratory--breathing--system

Reduce clear mucus
Clear mucus is considered to be "the good kind of mucus." It is the one secreted by the body all the time to maintain our breathing mechanism going smoothly. The problem is, no doubt, that at times we produce too much of it So, here are some tips on how to reduce it:

  1. Find our if you are allergic to some things in your
    • home environment
      • house dust
      • pet dander
      • chemicals
      • outside
        • pollenssmoke
        • smog
      • work place
        • chemicalsspecial dust being generated there
        • some plants in the immediate area
  2. If you are allergic to any of the above, then avoid it as much as possible. If this is not possible and the mucus is very annoying then consider allergy injections, but you need to know especifically what is the allergen involved. The allergy doctor will make some skin tests of the suspected allergen.
  3. If you do not want to bother with allergy injections then consider using an antihistamine for a while and see how it goes. To reduce clear mucus permanently may require a strategy that is a combination of avoidance of the source of the problem and some antihistamine as needed.

Clear mucus relief
Sometimes clear bothersome mucus precedes yellow and/or green mucus. This may be caused by irritation of the nasal membranes produced by a virus or allergens. This is what I do to bring rellief for excessive clear mucus:

  1. Ascertain what may be causing it
  2. If it is caused by a "cold" or virus
    • drink 5-6 glasses of water while tis condition lasts
    • take an antihistamine such as:
      • "Allegra" or "Claritin"
      • if not sure consult your pharmacist
    • avoid sugary drinks and food
      • soft drinks
      • desserts, etc
    • avoid eating starchy foods
      • white bread
      • pastas
      • etc.
    • viruses are immuned to antibiotics, thus sntrengthened your immune system by
      • taking natural remedies such as:
        • fresh garlic--2 cloves a day or
        • allicin--garlic's active ingredient
        • 2 table spoons a day of elderberry concentrate
      • follow the suggestions under 2, above, while clear mucus lasts
  3. If the clear mucus is produced as part of an alleric reaction to the environment
    • follow the same protocol as shown above, except fo takingr: the garlic, allimax and elderberry
    • drink as much water as you can
  4. If not sure whether it is a virus or allergic reation, then follow the protocol under line 2, above.

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