Sinus Infection Symptoms

Is it allergies? Just a plain simple "cold"? or Could it be a sinus infection?
Have you asked yourself any of these questions when you felt coming down with something? Well, you are not alone. All or most of us have had that feeling and asked ourselves similar questions, haven't we? If we were to know what the sinus infection symptoms are like, couldn't we be better prepared to fight it? If you agree read on, because this article may be just what you need to avoid a full sinus infection and other sinus problems; by knowing their symptoms you can nip them in the bud, before they become full blown. Agree?

The sinus, nasal cavities and sinus infection symptoms
Symptoms of a sinus infection are often felt first in the hollow places in the head bones called the sinuses and which act as "crumple" zones to protect the organs inside the head. They are lined with a membrane that produces mucus constantly and has cells, with short hair-like projections, cilia, that move the mucus toward the nasal cavity. All four sets of sinus cavities connect to the nasal cavity through small openings. Air and mucus must flow through the sinus cavities constantly to keep the sinuses clear and healthy. A sinus infection symptom often develops in those cavities when they fill with yellow or green mucus with bad odor. There are four pairs of sinus cavities:

  1. Frontal - behind the forehead, on both sides
  2. Ethmoid - behind the eyes
  3. Sphenoid - at the center of the head, behind the eyes
  4. Maxillary - behind the cheek bones

Symptoms of an acute sinus infection
Not all of these symptoms need to be present. You will, typically, have at least one or two of these symptoms:

  • Fever - with the possible exception of an infection in the ethmoid cavity
  • Pain or pressure - located in relation to the sinuses involved: Around the eyes, forehead, temples. A frontal and sphenoid sinus infection usually involves a very bad headache. Pressure and pain can vary in intensity
  • Nasal discharge - often yellow or green mucus.
  • Nasal congestion - this type of congestion is linked to an ethmoid infection
  • Post nasal drip (PND) - drainage in the back of the throat
  • Double vision - applicable to an sphenoid infection only
  • Coughing and sneezing - from irritation of the membranes of the respiratory system, and mucus moving about
  • Malaise and lethargy - as the immune system fights the germs it asks the body to rest and relax
  • Bad breath- with all the mucus being produced and germs being fought BB should be expected
  • Phlegm - when an infection has set in and the immune system needs some help to fight it

Symptoms of chronic sinus infection
A sinus infection which has lasted at least 8 weeks. Again, only one or two of the following symptoms may appear in most cases:

  • Low-grade headache- for most chronic conditions
  • Low-grade general headache only symptom - for a chronic sphenoid infection, usually
  • Chronic sore throat - sometimes accompanied by excessive sinus drainage or phlegm
  • Chronic nasal discharge
  • Chronic toothache - applicable to a maxillary infection only

A caveat on the above symptom lists
Sinus infection symptoms can be very variable, whether in being present or not and in severity. They can mimic a number of other health issues, including: Allergies, jaw problems, common colds, migraines and other types of headaches. If your condition is very acute and painful and/or has been present for a long time you should consult your doctor.

This is what I do
To avoid sinus infection symptoms and therefore sinus infections this is what you can do: At the first sign of a possible infection:

  1. Take herbals that boost the immune system, like botanical A and E or B, as explained in the Three Steps to Sinus & Mucus Relief .
    • they must be taken right away
    • be sure the herbs are fresh at least one year away from their expiration date
      • read the printed expiration date
      • do not use the same herb for more than 10 days at a time
  2. Keep my sinuses clear at all times
    • use acupressure (sinus pressure points)
    • steam rinse or
    • OTC remedy
  3. Drink lots of plain water
    • at room temperature
    • if you like lemon juice put some in it
    • at least 5 glasses a day
  4. Get into the tub or shower and take a hot bath to perspire profusely for 15-20 minutes
  5. Go to bed and get a full night's sleep
  6. Try not to confuse rhinitis symptoms with sinus infection's
  7. Do not eat foods that are counter productive when fighting an infection
  8. Take some OTC remedies you feel comfortable with to alleviate the symptom discomforts
  9. Fasting can be very helpful for dealing with chronic infections. To detoxify and cleanse the body
  10. If I have repetitive bouts I have cetain vertebrae checked for proper alignment
    • to make sure nerve energy is flowing down the spine unimpeded
    • for general health and wellbeing purposes
  11. try to remember that a "cold" not properly addressed can be the spartk for sinus infection symptoms
  12. I go see my physician if the symptoms continue
  13. A positive mental attitude is always a plus. It's amazing what these simple items can do for you.

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