Sinus Pressure Symptoms

Sinus pressure can lead to sinus infection due to the accumulation and stagnation of mucus in the sinus cavities--green and yellow mucus should especially be watched. Obviously, it is important to become acquainted with the symptoms of sinus pressure; also because they can mimic other ailments' symptoms. For example: colds, a passing congestion, a simple headache, etc. Considering that sinus pressure can be a prelude to or be associated with other sinus problems such as sinus infection, green snot, etc., it is wise to know the symptoms of sinus pressure and find out how to obtain sinus pressure relief.

Sinus pressure can be a symptom of:

Symptoms that can accompany sinus pressure:

This is not an all inclusive list and not all these symptoms need to appear to have sinus pressure--the typical case may include just a few of them. A sinus pressure that is not taken care of soon can develop into a sinus infection with sinus drainage (post-nasal drip), In a severe case of sinus pressure vomiting, nasal pus problems and breathing difficulties may appear. Some of the above symptoms can appear after ingesting some specific foods. If the sinuses have been clear before eating, for example, and they become congested soon thereafter it can be an indication that some foods are causing the congestion and possible eventual pressure. Even clear mucus--the good kind of mucus--if it is excessive it could irritate the sinus membranes and passages and create some complications. Sometimes a misalignment of some vertebra can cause pressure on the spinal cord and affect nerve energy going through. This, in turn, can cause undesirable symptoms like sinus pressure or on some other part of the body. Some foods are mucus producing and should be avoided if a person has chronic sinus pressure or while experimenting those sinus pressure symptoms.

Sin uses MRI

Sinus MRI

Causes of sinus pressure

These are some of the causes:
  • Environmental allergies
    • at home
      • house dust
      • animal dander
      • household chemicals
    • outdoors
      • pollens
      • smog
      • smoke
  • Foods
  • Allergic rhinitis

Sometimes the nasal cavity accumulates mucus, debris and contaminants which should be removed, since it can affect the amount of air going to the sinus cavities and can help create infection. A steam rinse or a nasal irrigation is often very beneficial in thoses cases. A state of the art pulsating irrigation devise can do the job well.

Nasal Cavity and Upper Respiratory Tract

Nasal Cavity and Upper Respiratory Tract
a - vertebrae, b - esophagus, c - trachea
d - cricoid cartilage, e - laryngopharynx, f -
pharynx, g - nasopharynx, k - tongue,
l - hard palate, o - superior turbinate,
p - middle turbinate, q - inferior turbinate

Sinus pressure symptoms often relate to the location of the specific set of sinuses cavities involved--there are four sets of them. These are the sinus pressure symptoms that can be associated with them:

Frontal sinuses: These sinus cavities are large spaces located in the forehead above the eye sockets. Symptoms when they are blocked include:
  • eyes very sensitive to light
  • pain and sensitivity in the forehead
  • discomfort and tenderness to the touch

Maxillary sinuses: They are large hollow spaces above the upper jaw and teeth. Blockage symptoms include:

  • cheeks are tender and hurt when slightly pressed
  • pain and tenderness in the upper jaw area

Ethmoid sinuses: They are located between the eyes not far from the tear glands. symptoms when they are blocked include:

  • loss of smell
  • sensitiveness and pain in and around eyes
  • eye lids swell

Sphenoid sinuses: They are found in the lower center of the head. They seldom get inflamed, but when they do symptoms include:

  • acute pain well inside the head
  • ear and neck pain

Not all these symptoms need to appear in connection with sinus pressure in a given set of sinuses, before sinus pressure can be said to be present. Sinus pressure relief is usually the goal and the focus can be in it. Sometimes a quick fix can be enough to bring relief. A chronic condition would require a more deliberate approach. It should be remembered that a bout with sinus pressure can be followed by a sinus infection and the miseries accompanying it like green mucus and yellow mucus, post nasal drip, etc. Thus it pays to take care of sinus pressure soon.

It should be remembered that sinus pressure can often be an allergic reaction to the environment. If any or several of these symptoms persist or worsen, after taking some OTC remedy, doing acupressure (sinus pressure points) or taking herbals, a physician should be consulted for professional relief and to avoid complications. It should be recognized that sometimes certain foods can also be the cause of sinus pressure in some cases. Do nothing to disturb de cilia in your sinus and nasal cavity membranes. The relief of sinus pressure should be taken seriously and done timely to avoid sinusitis and other complications.


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