Green Snot: Causes Symptoms and Temporaary Relief

Stop Green Mucus
Often what a person just wants is to stop green mucus and this is understandable. Having a background of various ailments that can be associated with it, however, is important in order to know how best to proceed. Thus if you would rather go to the cause of the problem and deal with it to obtain a permanent solution rather than continuing to medicate symptoms, please, Click

The yucky green stuff coming from the nose called by some green snot is actually green mucus, often from a nasal congestion. The latter, in turn, may be the result of various illnesses or conditions that can include:

To stop green snot permanently one step in that direction is to take care of sinus pressure very soon after it begins. Since sinus pressure is often accumulated excessive mucus which will stagnate and casuse infection if not removed soon the right way. An infection is, in turn, what produces the green snot.

Green Snot and Viral Infection
Green snot is often connected with a viral infection. If so it should have a short duration. Therefore antibiotics will not touch it. The best approach to relieving it can be to let it run its normal course and to alleviate symptoms as safely and as much as possible.

  • Signs and Symptoms Can Include:
  • This is What I Would Do:
    • drink lots of water and other non-sugary liquids
    • use some OTC saline nasal sprays, drops or other medications to relieve symptoms
    • gargle salt water to relieve throat soreness
    • eat soups
    • rest as much as possible to help immune system fight the cold and any green snot present
    • remember that there is not a cure for colds, but symptoms can be lessen
Nasal Cavity and Upper Respiratory Tract

Nasal Cavity and Upper Respiratory Tract
a - vertebrae, b - esophagus, c - trachea
d - cricoid cartilage, e - laryngopharynx, f -
pharynx, g - nasopharynx, k - tongue,
l - hard palate, o - superior turbinate,
p - middle turbinate, q - inferior turbinate

Sinusitis and Green Snot
Technically it is an inflammation of the membranes lining the sinus cavities. It can lead to a sinus infection, therefore it should be watched. Green snot or mucus can be associated with it.

  • Signs and Symptoms May Include:
  • This is What I Would Do:
  • If it is a chronic condition--lasting more than a few weeks--I would go see a doctor. But the moment I:
    • had high fever
    • felt very weak and listless
    • saw blood instead of yellow or green snot
    • very heavy, continuos drainage
    • in any of those four scenarios, above, I would see a physician right away
  • I would try to keep the sinuses openings--the ostia--clear to allow air and mucus to flow and not stagnate, by:
    • doing self applied acupressure of the s`inus at these points:
      • back of the neck where skull meets the soft tissue, mid-point
      • next to the nostrils
    • drinking many glasses of water and other fluids
    • talk to my pharmacist about some OTC remedy for sinusitis
    • sour cherries (pie cherries) have strong anti-inflammatory properties
  • I would consider doing a saline sinus rinse
  • I would do steam inhalations if the other remedies fail
    • high team temperature paralizes the cilia, so I would watch this item
    • a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil can be added to the water
    • the thyme herb is considered to be decongestant, so I would add some to the water
  • For chronic green snot or other chronic sinus problem I would consider fasting to detoxify the body


Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI)
It refers to an infection in one or more of these organs:

  • nose
  • sinuses
  • pharynx
  • larynx
  • or a combination of them

Green snot or green mucus, as well as yellow mucus, can be associated with an infection in some of these organs. Many different viruses have been found in patients connected with URTI. The most common of these viruses is the "rhinovirus." Bacteria has also been found to be connected with URTI--about 15% of all cases.

Signs and Symptoms Connected with Green Snot:

Acute respiratory illnesses of the URTI can last 7-10 days. Ordinarily not all of the above symptoms appear at the same time.

What I Would Do for Upper Respiratory Tract Infections:

There is no relief procedure available, to my knowledge, at the present time, that can shorten the life of the viral illness. The bothersome symptoms, however, can be alleviated, for example: sore throat from PND, headache. Thus I would:

  • Not use antibiotics unless it has been established that it is a bacterial infection. Only a physician can determine that and prescribe an antibiotic and the seriousness of the illness warrants it
  • Seek to distinguish between a viral and strep infection since the relief procedure would vary accordingly. For example, a sore throat may be caused by a strep bacteria while a simple sore throat can be caused by either a bacteria or viruses. The former may require an antibiotic the latter not. Here again a physician is the one who can determine that difference
  • Decide what other step to take I would use an OTC remedy to relieve the symptoms, then I would probably go see my doctor if the infection lasts more than a week, or if the severity of it is such that common sense dictates seeing a physician right away
  • See my doctor right away if I have high fever
  • Drink as much water as I possibly can to help the immune system
  • Do self-applied acupressure to stimulate the immune system and sinus drainage sinus drainage
  • Rest as much as possible
  • Discontinue eating mucus producing foods which exacerbate the excessive production of mucus
  • Would consider using a state of the art nasal cavity rinser if dry green snot or mucus, etc., is a problem. See below:

Allergic Rhinitis and Green Snot
Also known as hay fever rhinitis is an inflammation of the nasal passages and membranes. This is produced when inhaled dust or pollen triggers the production of antibodies due to an abnormal sensitivity of the immune system to those two elements. Green snot can be present in some cases, specially when an infection may develop due to the constant irritation of the nasal and sinus cavities membranes by those irritating elements. This should be remembered, that rhinitis, although not ordinarily a serious condition in and of itself, it can be the cause of a nasal or sinus infection--if the irritation of the cavities membranes produced by viruses or other contaminants is left unattended.

Signs and Symptoms May Include:

  • swollen nasal turbinates
  • "runny nose"--clear mucus
  • droopy eyelids or swelling
  • swelling of the membrane (conjuctiva) lining the eyeball surface or inner eyelid surface
  • congestion
  • effusion from the middle ear
  • a combination of the above

This is What I Would Do:

  • avoid the allergen(s) causing the problem
    • check house dust as possible source
    • pollen from plants nearby
  • reduce the symptoms by taking
    • antihistamines, but conscious of their drowsiness
    • nasal sprays
    • decongestants
  • self-applied acupressure if needed to stimulate mucus flow and relieve sinus cavities pressure
  • I would consider allergy skin tests to:
    • isolate the allergens causing the rhinitis problem
    • consider desensitization therapy
    • consider the magnitude of the allergy
  • I would avoid foods that exacerbate sinus pressure and allergy reactions

Green mucus can be caused, as we have seen, by various illnesses and conditions and exacerbated by some foods. When it is associated with other severe signs or symptoms, or its volume is very bothersome, one should be concerned enough to specifically tackle it; taking into account costs and other personal considerations. Whenever sinus pressure symptoms appear prompt relief can prevent unwanted mucus build up. Whenever I take some simple steps to quickly get rid of sinus pressure. I am glad I did. Things that can help prevent green snot, sinus infection, sinus pressure and other sinus disorders is to:

To prevent disease and maladies knowledge and self-discipline combined can be very helpful. Hopefully this page has been helpful with respect to the former.


Sometimes question are asked about sinus issues which can relate to green snot. Here are some of them:

Stop snot
We should know by now that we need clear, watery mucus--the good kind--to be running constantly in small amounts to keep our sinuses healthy. But an excessive amount of even good mucus is annoying and can cause irritation of the sinus cavity and its passages. On the other hand, yellow and green snot denote that the immune system is in the process of getting rid of some bacteria, virus or germ. Thus here are some tips to get rid of the yucky stuff as much as possible:

  1. If you smoke, please, quit
  2. Eat foods friendly to your sinuses
  3. If the snot is dark yellow or green you are fighting a sinus infection
    • if it has been going on for several days or if it is chronic, you probably have a bacterial infection and you may need an antibiotic, please, see your doctor
    • if it has just started then you may consider following some of the tips being offered below
    • if you want a permanent solution, please, read Three Steps to Sinus & Mucus Relief click
    • drink plenty of room temperature water
    • plain, pure water
    • avoid cold water and sugary soft drinks
    • fresh fruit juices
  4. Test for allergies for house pet dander
    • get close to pets and their areas and inhale deeply
      • when you are allergic to dander you will get one or combination of these symptoms
        • get watery eyes
        • start coughing
        • get itchy eyes or nose
        • have breathing difficulties, etc.
      • if you are not allergic you will not have those reactions
    • based on the intensity of the reaction decide whether to
      • get desensitization therapy or
      • get rid of the pet
      • change pet location
  5. Test for allergic reaction to house dust
    • use same general approach as for house pets
    • based on reaction decide next step as shown above
  6. Test for pollen allergies for your area and hay fever; see an allergist physician if you suspect you have any
  7. Some foods such as dairy products are mucus producing and you should avoid them
  8. Be sure to get enough antioxidants and zinc in your diet
  9. Remember that sinus pressure is sometimes the precursor of sinusitis which can be accompanied by green snot

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