Coughing Up Yellow Mucus: What You Should Know and I Do

Wouldn't you like to be able to have healthy sinuses, permanently, without having to be buying, constantly, drug medications with their side effects? By going to the cause of yellow mucus and eradicating it, permanent relief can be achieved. That's what I did that has given me 5 years free of yellow mucus.

If the cough is producing a clear or pale yellow mucus, it can be a symptom of a "cold" or some other viral illness like the "flu," assuming there are no other significant symptoms. Frankly, there isn't much one can do to kill a virus and cure the problem. Antibiotics will not do any good. Thus it will run its course and probably you will begin to feel better in 2 -3 days. Yet there are some things one can do to relieve congestion, and clear mucus, and some of its accompanying discomforts. And at the same time avoid a secondary infection, such as sinusitis, etc.

How to stop coughing up yellow mucus
For temporary relieve of symptoms this is what I do:

  1. Start taking right away some OTC remedy containing herbal "G" --which is probably nature's most powerful natural antibacterial and antibiotic. For details click here
  2. Eat more foods which are good for the sinuses and avoid the bad ones
  3. Sometimes the real cause of the yellow mucus is an infection caused by an allergic reaction to the environment, for example plant pollens and until you deal with the allergy you may have recurring bouts with yellow mucus, even with green mucus. Sinus pressure from accumulated mucus, if not dealt with, can produce infected mucus which can trigger a sinus infection; hence the importance of bringing quick relief to sinus pressure
  4. Do not want to take a remedy like nasal sprays, inhalations, etc., that could disturb the cilia found in the nasal cavity and sinus cavities membranes
  5. Take some other OTC remedy that can relieve the specific symptoms. My pharmacist can help me choose
  6. Drink all the water and sugar free juices, herbals teas, I can possibly down. No less than 6 - 8 glasses a day. No cow's milk or soft drinks
  7. Get all the rest and relaxation I can possibly get
  8. I do not eat mucus producing foods
  9. Keep the sinuses clear as much as possible
  10. If there is post nasal drainage I would tackle it right away, especially if there is phlegm with the PND--post nasal drip
  11. Get in the bathtub or shower and opening the warm water I try to perspire all I can for about 15-20 minutes. Then go to bed and sleep
  12. If you have a sinus headache follow the protocol listed in the preceding link
  13. Would consider steaming or rinsing my nasal and sinus cavities
  14. If the above protocol does not work, then I might want to consider seeing my physician, especially if the symptoms that follow are present:
    • fever
    • chills
    • shaking
    • feeling very tired or upset
    • pain or pressure in the frontal sinus area
    • blood in the mucus, any or a combination of these symptoms or signs could be indicative of pneumonia and I would definitely see a physician
  15. Would consider fasting since it has been shown that it can have healing properties when properly done
  16. I you have been diagnosed as having rhinitis (also called "hay fever" and "runny nose") be sure to control allergic reactions to the environment as much as poss bile by:
    • find out what you may be allergic to
      • house dust
      • certain pollens
      • household chemicals, etc.
    • if necessary get allergy medication or desensitization therapy
    • nip any sign of infection in the bud
    • talk to you pharmacist about any safe, new otc medication for rhinitis
  17. If yellow mucus is produced excessively excessive mucus relief would be in order
  18. Mucus producing foods should not be used during the yellow mucus bout.

The cough is producing a yellow, green or tan mucus
If it is yellow, green or tan color mucus it can be due to an infection in the airways. For example bronchitis. However, if it is accompanied by fever, shaking chills and I feel lousy, then I could have a more serious sinusitis, for example pneumonia. I would go see my doctor. Green mucus, on the other hand, ca be a sign of a bacterial or viral infection. The former may need an antibiotic, the latter is not touched by antibiotics. Ask yourself: was the cough with yellow phlegm (mucus) preceded by a bout with sinus pressure or sinus drainage? If the answer is yes, then you may want to see if there is any connection between congestion, sinus pressure and an allergy to some element in the environment, so you can deal with it successfully.

The mucus turns from yellow to pink
It can be a symptom of pulmonary edema, especially if the pink mucus is accompanied by:

  • difficulty breathing
  • shortness of breath
  • wheezing
  • anxiety
  • excessive sweating
  • pale skin
  • chest pain
  • rapid irregular heat beat

Pulmonary edema is life-threatening, thus get emergency if the pink--tainted with blood--mucus is accompanied by one or more of those symptoms

There is nothing like good common sense. Should the coughing up of yellow phlegm continue or get worse I would see a physician soon, even if the mucus would change hues to a green snot or any other hue. Knowing the meaning of the color of mucus can be helpful in nipping a sinus disorder in the bud. Such sinus disorders as sinus pressure should be addressed early on to avoid, potentially, other sinus cavity diseases.

Preventing coughing up of yellow mucus
One should be aware that yellow mucus, as a sign of sinus infection--which can be associated with excessive mucus production, chronic congestion--can follow a bout with sinus pressure. If not cared for properly and early on, sinus pressure, as well as other sinus problems, could be the trigger not only to sinus infection, but also to other problems in the respiratory apparatus. Infected mucus--caused by a fungus in the nasal cavity membrane--can also produce infection which which in turn can produce the yellow mucus being coughed up. Knowing a quick fix for sinus pressure can be advantageous in preventing sinus pressure and the eventual formation of yellow mucus. Sinus pressure relief by using sinus pressure points therapy can be very beneficial in preventing sinus infection following a bout with sinus pressure. And it should also be well understood that the food we eat can have much to do with the prevention, worsening and cure of sinus disorders such as sinus pressure, sinus infection, excessive mucus, sinus drainage, nasal disorders such as hay fever and coughing of yellow mucus when an infection is in progress. Some foods can just be bad for your sinuses. Sometimes rhinitis, also called hay fever and runny nose, can cause irritation of the nasal membranes and prevent the normal air flow to the sinus cavities needed to avoid infection and its sequel, yellow mucus and green mucus. Addressing allergies to the environment problems can play a significant role in preventing yellow mucus. Finally, having your nerve energy flowing freely to all parts of the body is essential to keeping good health and can help prevent sinus pressure and yellow mucus coughing, which is a way the body fights a possible sinus disorder.

What to do for mucus
There are some specific things I do to for mucus, that is to say to stop it:

  1. If I smoked, I would quit
  2. I would remember: coughing up yellow mucus can be a sign of sinus infection
  3. Drink as much water as I can throughout the day, regularly. Reasons:
    • it's a bodily cleanser
    • thins mucus and therefore helps prevent
  4. Stay away from from mucus producing foods as much as possible -- for details, please click
  5. Strengthen my immune system with
    • antioxidants
      • eat fresh fruits daily
      • eat fresh vegetables
      • cayenne pepper
      • Vitamin C
      • garlic
    • supplements
    • stress management
  6. Allicin--the active element in garlic--is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal should be used at the first sign of infection or viral attack
  7. Taking extra Vitamin C is helpful as anti-oxidant, etc., to enhance the immune systems whenever a boost is needed
  8. Find a time and place to relax some everyday to immune system do its job
  9. Perspire profusely 2-3 times a week in sauna or bathtub to help shake-off viral and bacterial infection threaten
  10. Sinus pressure if not addressed can lead to sinus infection, sinus drainage, etc.
  11. Do not get chilled during the cold season and thereby avoiding excessive mucus formation
  12. Avoid congested area to avoid getting:
    • cold virus
    • flu or some other virus
    • and the extra mucus that go with them
  13. At the first sign of a cold or virus such as: fever, malaise, sore throat, etc.
    • take allicin
    • take extra anti-oxidants
    • take zinc by mouth
    • relax as much as I can
    • get into tub or shower and perspire good then go to sleep
  14. Check for allergies to the environment as a probable cause of excessive mucus secretion
    • sinus pressure, congestion, drainage, itchy eyes, sneezing, shortness of breath, etc., can be symptoms of allergies
    • consider being tested for allergies
    • avoid allergen sources as much as possible
    • be sure to be tested for house dust allergy if you suspect it is allergenic
    • if sinuses congest and sinus pressure develops be sure
      • to do acupressure points to drain the sinuses
      • to do steam-rinse therapy if acupressure does not work; do not over heat the cilia of the nasal membranes
      • if there is severe pain around the sinus cavity area consider talking to my pharmacist for an OTC remedy
  15. Use an antihistamine as needed for such allergic reactions as:
    • sinus pressure, excessive clear mucus, congestion, etc
    • to avoid excessive mucus irritation of the respiratory organ membranes
  16. If sinus pressure or drainage is a problem consider taking garlic's allicin or beta glucan on a regular basis for a while and evaluate results
  17. The antihistamine ":Allegra" is reputed not to cause drowsiness, thus it could be considered above others
  18. If allergic rhinitis is ruled out check for other types of rhinitis
  19. Remember: antihistamine relieves symptoms only, it does not cure anything
  20. I would also remember that coughing up yellow mucus can be a sign of sinus infection
  21. Any sinus pressure that may develop should be addressed very soon
  22. Restoration of full nerve energy flow from the brain to all organs can aid the body restore its own health, as was originally meant to be; for more information on this subject, for details please click

If we really wish to be serious about not allowing mucus to spoil our lives as a chronic disorder, we need to nip such things as: sinus pressure, congestion, drainage, etc., in the bud. Never allowing them to get bigger, if we possibly can.

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