Excessive Mucus Temporary Relief


Coming in different hues and consistencies mucus is as vital to our breathing mechanism as our nasal and sinus cavities are. But what is mucus?

Sinus mucus
Made up mostly of water and carrying a host of body produced chemicals--salts, antiseptic enzymes, electrolytes, mucins,--mucus is a stocky, slimy mixture very necessary to keep our breathing machinery and entire body functioning smoothly. Mucus can have lubricating and protective functions; or serve as part of the body's frontline defense mechanism against unwanted intruders such as: viruses, germs, dust particles, irritants, etc. It can also serve as a sign or symptom that something in the body is not functioning right, depending on the color of mucus and the amount involved. Excessive mucus takes place when the body--sinus and nasal cavities, cilia--are unable to handle properly the amount of mucus being produced and it becomes noticeable and annoying--signs, again, that something need to be done to correct the situation to avoid further irritation, complications, etc. The opposite of this sinus condition can be sinus pressure which takes place whenever mucus cannot drain normally from the sinus to the nasal cavity.

Were we to have no mucus in our breathing system it would soon shut down--like a vehicle that has neither oil not water in its engine. Mucus is secreted by the body all the time, but we don't notice it. Then we have phlegm, as a specialized kind of mucus that performs and important role as part of our immune system. The amount of mucus we normally produce every day might surprise you: about two pints a day and this is not considered excess mucus. On the other hand whenever mucus does not flow and accumulates it can cause sinus pressure and even pain in the sinus areas. Any sign of sinus pressure should be nipped in the bud and thus help prevent sinus headache, diseases in the sinus cavity, etc. These are some of the functions mucus performs:

  • Protects the lungs and adjacent organs against harmful germs
  • Prevents nasal and airway membranes from drying out
  • It catches allergens, germs, pollutants and dust particles, bacteria
  • With the help of the cilia it moves liquids and foreign matter so they can be ejected
  • Moisturizes the air we inhale
  • It serves to diagnose illnesses

Beyond our respiratory system mucus is also found in other body tissues and organs, for example: the urinary tract, digestive system, reproductive system.

Nasal Cavity and Upper Respiratory Tract

Nasal Cavity and Upper Respiratory Tract
a - vertebrae, b - esophagus, c - trachea
d - cricoid cartilage, e - laryngopharynx, f -
pharynx, g - nasopharynx, k - tongue,
l - hard palate, o - superior turbinate,
p - middle turbinate, q - inferior turbinate

Causes of excessive mucus

  • An allergic reaction to the environment
    • pollens
    • chemicals
    • smog
    • smoke
      • primary
      • secondary
    • house dust
  • Rhinitis -- runny nose, hay fever
  • Significant amounts of mucus producing foods
    • this is often the main cause or
    • it can contribute significantly to the mucus problem
  • Infection
  • Bronchitis
  • Colds
  • Some foods
  • Irritation from environmental pollutants
  • Unaddressed sinus pressure, mucus has stagnated and infected

Sin uses MRI

Sinus MRI

Excessive mucus relief -- what I would do

  1. If smoked I would quit since the mucus condition will, likely, continue otherwise
  2. Determine the mucus color
  3. For a temporary discomfort
    • see my pharmacist and tell him/her the mucus color and that I wish an OTC for temporary relief
    • read carefully the labels and warnings
    • a non-drowsy product is often better
  4. If sinus pressure preceded the excessive mucus chances are the latter is caused by a sinus infection
    • become acquainted with sinus infection relief procedures
    • if it does not beging to clear up in about 3 days better see your doctor
    • try to determine the cause of the sinus pressure
  5. Remember that some foods have much to do with mucus production and that there could be a correlation between sinus and some foods
  6. If it is a chronic condition and the mucus is clear I can assume, initially, that it is an allergy reaction
    • get close to the suspected source of the allergen and take a good sniff, see what happens
      • house dust
      • plant pollen
      • chemical
      • smoke
    • once I pin-point the allergen try to avoid it
    • consider seeing an allergist physician if the allergic reaction is very strong
    • consider also having your spine checked for a misaligned bone
    • remember that food can exacerbate allergic reactions
    • some foods are mucus producing, I would stop eating those for a while and see results
  7. If the mucus color is other than clear, for example
    • green
    • yellow
    • pink
    • brown
    • laced with blood
    • white,
    • go to our web site page dealing with mucus of that color
  8. When post nasal drip (PND, drainage) is present monitor color of mucus for signs of sinus infection or infected mucus
  9. Ascertain by the symptoms whether it is a chronic low grade sinus infection or a lingering common cold
  10. If it is excessive clear mucus it is likely connected to allergic rhinitis; I would consider taking an antihistamine
    • there is no known cure for rhintis
    • the strategy used here is to minimize symptoms safely
  11. If there is fever, sore throat, coughing, wheezing, etc., present it could be a sign of bronchitis
    • drink large quantities of fluids, but not milk
    • rest and relax all you can
    • talk to my pharmacist for some OTC remedies
    • read carefully the labels and instructions of OTC medications
    • if in a few days there are no improvements go see my physician
  12. Seek professional medical help
    • if the condition is now severe or it worsens
    • my own good common sense tells me so
    • if yellow or green snot is present
  13. Drink as much water and warm herbal teas as I can--5-6 glasses a day
  14. Colds are usually produced by viruses, enhancing the immune system is helpful; these should help do that:
    • fresh fruits and vegetables
    • extra vitamin C
    • OTC supplements such as beta glucan
  15. Nip excessive mucus in the bud by learning sinus pressure relief techniques such as:
  16. Fasting can be a general body cleanser and can be consider for a chronic excessive mucus especially when it is green or yellow mucus to aid the immune system
  17. Try an herbal remedy if there is sinus drainage involved
  18. Mucus problems, like congestion, sinus pressure, drainage and other sinus problems can often be substantially improved or eliminated by avoiding one or more of three specific foods which are known to produce mucus--please, click
  19. Knowing the function of the sinus cavity, sinus and other relative subjects can be helpful in dealing with excessive mucus.

Excessive mucus and food
There is little question about the impact of food on the state of the sinuses. There are some foods that can produce mucus for many people. These are some of them:

  • Fermented foods
    • cheese
    • wine, beer
    • bread
  • Diary products
    • cow's milk
    • ice cream
    • cheese
    • cream
    • milkshakes
    • yogurt
    • butter
    • whey powder
    • lactose
  • Wheat
    • breads
    • pasta
    • shredded wheat
    • wheat germ
    • gluten
  • Soy products
    • soy milk
    • tofu
    • tempeh

Read food labels to see whether they contains any of these items.

Excessive mucus relief -- additional tips on causes and care
There are several things that can ordinarily cause or contribute to excessive mucus:

  1. Irritation of the sinus and nasal cavity can be caused by:
  2. Know and avoid foods that promote the production of mucus or phlegm
    • some foods can produce excessive mucus as in mucus drainage
    • there are three foods which specifically are known to do this
  3. Lean to keep your sinuses clear and avoid sinus pressure
  4. When allergic rhinitis is chronic an antihistamine can prevent mucus membranes irritation and its side effects
  5. Keep nasal and sinus cavities cleared
  6. An allergic reaction can produce sinus drainage or other conditions in the sinuses such as congestion, sinusitis, etc.
  7. Do not allow sinus pressure, drainage, congestion to linger on
  8. Caring for allergic rhintis (hay fever) the proper way and early on
  9. Do not allow sinus pressure to become chronic
  10. Know the hidden causes
  11. Learn a fast non-drug relief
  12. For tips to erradicate yellow mucus click
  13. Remember Sinus drainage, pressure and related bad breath can often be a thing of the past with a proper diet and natural remedies

Chronic excessive mucus
By now it should be very clear that we all need a certain amount of mucus in our respiratory system so that it can function properly and to guard us agaisnt disease, etc. But a chronic condition involving excessive mucus is something else. This is what I would do were I to have this problem:

  • totally abstain from mucus producing foods for a period of 2 weeks and weigh the results
  • depending on the results of the previous food test I would decide to check myself for:
    • allergy to household dust, primarily:
      • dust mite droppings--found in most house dust
      • pet dander
    • allergy to other household items such as:
      • laundry detergents, fabric softeners
      • indoor plants
      • plants around the house
    • household molds
    • if the results of any of the above tests is significant I would see an allergy specialist
  • if I were a smoker I would definitely quit
  • if none of the above seems to be a problem I would consider having the mucus analyzed for chronic low grade infection of the sinuses
  • sometimes there is a fungus in the nasal cavity mucus itself that thrives there and which was u known until fairly recently, I would have this checked if all the other items, above yield negative results.

Excess mucus
Temporaray excess mucus is normal because of :

  • temperature changes
  • different foods we eat some of whic are mucus producing
  • immune system activity
  • colds, viruses
  • allergic reactions, etc

Sinus mucus relief
The best relief procedure for sinus mucus should by now be obvious: Eliminate the cause of the problem. Knowing the color of mucus can help diagnose the problem. Often the causes of the unwanted mucus are the following:

  • wrong foods
  • enviromental polution
    • at home
    • outside
  • allergies
  • continuos slow grade sinus infection
  • a combination of the above items

The thing to remember about sinus mucus is that so long as it does not become very excessive for long period of time it is OK.

Once one has narrowed down what seems to be the cause of the excessive mucus one must do the best possible to avoid it. Eliminating food that seems to cause or contribute the most to the mucus production can perhaps be the best prevention step initially. Then common and potential sinus irritants as house dust should be dealt with. Knowing the meaning of the color of mucus can be helpful to diagnose sinus problems. One last caveat: nip sinus pressure, sinus drainage, and other sinus issues in the bud, do not allow them to get worse. Often the distance between sinus pressure and sinus infection can be a short one. Thus it pays to know the possible cause of sinus pressure and do something about it. And know your sinus cavity and how it works


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